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Cambridge AstroPlus


This group meets at the IoA on Monday evenings from 7.15 pm - 8.45 pm.
Usually, the day will be the first Monday of the month, but in January we tend to delay it because of the new year. We also take a break in the summer holidays.
Each evening there will be four short talks presented by senior members of the CAA. We do experiments, some of which even work, and if it is clear, there will be some observing with the telescopes at the Institute.

This group is aimed at both our adult members and our youngsters' ages 11+. We aim for a more informal and cozy atmosphere.


Once a year we organize a trip to somewhere astronomical, such as to the National Space Center in Leicester, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, the Science Museum in London or an IMAX cinema visit (often combined with the Science Museum visit).

We also do star parties, visits to places of interest and other events which will be listed on the website.


Upcoming Events

  • CA+: Saturn and the Cassini Mission
    Mon, 03 Apr
    We will take a look at the ringed planet, its atmosphere, rings, and its family of interesting moons
  • CA+: Star Clusters
    Mon, 01 May
    Many stars occupy positions in star clusters, but there are different types for us to understand and they tell us different stories about the history of space
  • CA+: The Sun and Solar Telescopes
    Mon, 05 Jun
    Why does the sun shine so brightly and how can we observe it safely? These are just two of the solar questions that we'll answer this evening.
  • CA+: Summer Vacation
    Mon, 03 Jul
    Summer warm
    Our team will all be on the beach with their telescopes this month. See you in August
  • CA+: The Ice Giants
    Mon, 07 Aug
    The outer planets of our solar system, Uranus and Neptune have only been visited by one spacecraft in a very brief flyby. What is the story of the discovery and expansion of our knowledge of these cold and distant worlds
  • CA+: Nebulae
    Mon, 04 Sept
    We will look at the different types of gas clouds that astronomers call nebulae and see how they fit-in to the story of the universe
  • Star Party
    Mon, 02 Oct
    Time for some out-door observing, with a collection of different telescopes for you to have a look at and learn how to operate
  • CA+:  Apollo to the Moon
    Mon, 06 Nov
    With Nasa planning to head back to the moon we thought we should talk about the Apollo mission and what it taught us about our nearest neighbour in space
  • CA+: How big is the Universe?
    Mon, 04 Dec
    How can we work out distances to different objects ? We can’t exactly roll out a tapemeasure – so what other methods can we use?

Location: Our events are usually held at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA) or via Zoom as indicated

A map and directions to the IoA are here.

Coach trips will start from the IoA car park.

We often have a Star Party in September/October and will organise other events to coincide with any unusual astronomical occurrence, such as an eclipse or a bright comet.

You can join our mailing list for reminders by filling the form below on our footer.

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