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Night Sky

Observing Evenings

  • CA+: The Sun and Solar Telescopes
    Mon, 05 Jun
    Why does the sun shine so brightly and how can we observe it safely? These are just two of the solar questions that we'll answer this evening.
  • CYA: The Sun and solar telescopes
    Sat, 24 Jun
    Find out about our nearest star - the Sun. If it's a clear day, we'll spend time outside using solar telescopes to observe it.
  • CYA: Using Telescopes
    Sat, 26 Aug
    Today we'll find out about using a range of telescopes from the small home ones up to the large professional ones on the IoA site
  • Star Party
    Mon, 02 Oct
    Time for some out-door observing, with a collection of different telescopes for you to have a look at and learn how to operate

The CAA team will give you a guided tour of the night sky, picking out a number of objects of interest via the array of telescopes which all link up to the large screens so that everyone in attendance can see at once.

We will have a selection of telescope with different types of camera linked up to stream detailed views of the moon and planets.


Along with several wider fields-of-view idea for seeking out Galaxies, Star Clusters and Nebulae.


In the event of cloud, we may give a short talk or planetarium style show of what we would have chased down for you if it had been clear!


and it is all absolutely free with no need to book unless you are bringing a large group of more than six, in which case it's best to speak to someone about it first!

To view the event live go to the IoA's website and find the link to the live youtube event CLICK HERE


The online viewing only covers the talk in the lecture theatre and doesn't cover the live sky tour.

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